Events presenting issues of wider interest regarding the NGO ecosystem and beyond

Outreach: Design Thinking

6 March 2017 – HIGGS held the ” Outreach Event: Design Thinking”, which was attended by more than 20 NPOs. Participants had the chance to get informed about design branches (product, graphic, interior etc) as well as the tools of a product designer by the speaker Giannis Gousdovas, Design Advisor. The presentation is available here.  

Outreach: NGOs & European Programs

8 February 2017 – The “Outreach: NGO & European Programs” event was successfully completed with the participation of more than 40 organizations. Speakers of the event were Mrs. Louiza Anastopoulou, Advisor on European Programs and Dr. Sotiris Petropoulos, Director of HIGGS. The organizations which attended the event were informed about EU programs such as Horizon…

Social Activism & Enhanced Transparency

8 December 2016 – On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, HIGGS and Vouliwatch held the event “Social Activism & Enhanced Transparency” at HIGGS venue. The debate on transparency started by our guest, Nick Aiossa, Policy Officer at Transparency International EU Office, who presented European Programs, Integrity Pacts and, against corruption. Particular emphasis was…

Outreach: Studies & Orientation in Greece

15 November 2016 – On the occasion of International Students Day, HIGGS held the event called “Outreach: Studies & Orientation in Greece”. “Be all you can be. Become the architect of your academic and professional career”, was the theme presented by Amalia Konstantakopoulou, Director of The Tipping Point, and Incubee at HIGGS. Mrs Konstantakopoulou presented…

Outreach: NGO & E-Commerce

3 November 2016 – HIGGS held the “Outreach: NGO & E-Commerce” event during which the speakers Pantelis Charalampidis, Greenpeace Fundraising Director, Kriton Gouzios, Greenpeace e-shop platform Administrator, Spyros Tzortzis, Digital Marketing at Sociality and Kostas Brilis, Lawyer presented the different dimensions of E-Commerce. During the event, the concept of Greenpeace’s e-shop page and the management…

Outreach: NGO & Social Media

13 October 2016 – We held our first interactive event called “Outreach: NGOs & Social Media” during which the speaker Mr. Dimitris Mouzakis, Digital Communications Adviser provided the organizations with useful information concerning the social media. The event was attended by 40 organizations. You will find the presentation of the event here.

Outreach: NGOs & Leadership

6 July 2016– HIGGS held the “Outreach Event: NGOs & Leadership”. The speakers of the event,Mr. Dimitris Mpourantas, Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business and Mr. Manos Papazoglou, Assistant Professor at the University of the Peloponnese, kept the attendees focused and engaged. The event was coordinated by Mr. Gerasimos Kouvaras, General Director of ActionΑid Hellas, who posed very interesting questions.…

Fundraising in the US: Opportunities for Greek NGOs

28 June 2016 – HIGGS held the event “Fundraising in the US: Opportunities for Greek NGOs”. The speaker of the event, Mrs Lisa Philp, Senior Advisor, Foundation Center, New York  provided an overview of the Foundation Center’s new initiatives that blend information, research, and technology for smarter philanthropy. Foundation Center’s knowledge services are data-driven tools and content-rich…

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