Action Finance Initiative

“If I had my own capital, I would do my own business.”

The use of this phrase by more and more qualified young people, who do not have the required capital, led to the establishment of Action Finance initiative ( .gr /) three years ago.

Living in Greece of crisis and massive unemployment, the opportunities for new students and graduates come from Action Finance Initiative (AFI), a Civil, Νon-profit corporation, with founding partners ActionAid Hellas and the French organization ADIE.

AFI aims to promote short-term credit in our country, helping young people who want to run their own business, but they don’t have sufficient funds and access to bank loans. AFI provides access to funding up to 10.000 euros and personalized advice in order to ensure the success of each project.

AFI operates in Athens and its surroundings and has provided counseling, training, and funding to more than 500 potential small business within the first three years of operation ( success-stories). Funding is provided to both newly established and existing businesses and it also includes free training and counseling for all business ideas that need capital.

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