Our Vision

Our philosophy and the way we plan and implement all our initiatives and programs are driven by the principles of philanthropy, solidarity, cooperation and trust.

Our vision is that HIGGS evolves into a hub of creativity and open dialogue aimed at promoting collaboration and innovation in the NPO sector as well as a meeting place of all interested parties, both literally and symbolically.


We believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation and we believe that together we can do more. That’s why we designed and created HIGGS, a pleasant, comfortable and modern space that promotes the exchange of views and interests and inspires participants to think creatively on issues that concern them. HIGGS is an ecosystem where all members interact with each other and learn from one another, through open dialogue and synergies.

We believe in education and organization. That’s why we created an innovative and inspiring space which fosters learning, a space where Nonprofit Organizations are provided with high quality educational programs that enhance significantly their effectiveness. Today NPOs have to adapt to an interdependent global economy and society that is constantly changing and is based on information and high technology. From our side, we possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to help the Greek Nonprofit Organizations assume a more impactful community role, by widening their fields of action, increasing the number of beneficiaries and improving the effectiveness of their intervention.

We believe that trust and openness are key components of how people interact with each other. That’s why we created a co-working space where we can share our thoughts and our concerns, where we can enjoy our lunch break together and visualize a better society. In HIGGS there is no gap neither competition. Both our staff and participants work for their organization but also for all the NPOs of Greece, given that the knowledge and experience they gain during the time period they are with us will be disseminated to other members of their organization, to other NPOs with which they may collaborate, to the NPOs of their region, etc.

We believe in the power of information. That’s why we aim to make HIGGS an information channel for all the NPOs operating in Greece and a point of reference for foreign NPOs that wish to interconnect with a Greek NPO or to learn more about the Greek NPO ecosystem.

HIGGS is so important to its people as well as to its beneficiaries! Because what it offers all of us is the deep conviction that our ideas can become a reality. Because it actually proves that ordinary people who have good intentions, nice ideas and great willingness to offer to society, when equipped with technical expertise and appropriate experience, can give huge impetus to public benefit initiatives.

We all, the HIGGS team, believe that through this effort we are given a rare and valuable opportunity to offer something important, to do something beyond ourselves, something that triggers a positive change in a large number of people, directly or indirectly, and something that can help substantially the Greek society.


Cooperation Competition
Extroversion Introversion
Capability Gap
Interaction Isolation
Trust Fear
Education Weakness
Information  Ignorance
Technology Delay
Innovation Inflexibility
Ideas Challenges
Dialogue Monologue
Structured Approach Ineffectiveness
Framework Infrequency
Creativity Stress
Imagination Stereotypes
Adaptability Rigidity
Stability Inactivity