ngoHeroes: Employment platform


HIGGS and Civil Act have created ngoHeroes, the first online specialized employment services platform, with primary objective to connect the 3rd sector with the most suitable professionals and enhance professionalism within the ecosystem of NGOs in Greece.

In particular, “ngoHeroes” aims to facilitate the process of job seeking exclusively for the ecosystem of NGOs in Greece, empowering two main target groups: NGOs and qualified professionals looking for a job in the 3rd sector. “ngoHeroes” seeks to bridge the gap between those who want to work in a non-profit organization and NGOs seeking to find the right person to fill a position.

“ngoHeroes” Goals:

• Improve and empower existing NGOs with specialized human workforce
• Strengthen the prestige and credibility of 3rd sector
• Increase social impact and sustainability of projects implemented by NGOs
• Link jobseekers to existing NGOs
• Improve the absorption of qualified professionals in the 3rd sector
• Increase investments in the 3rd sector
• Strengthen NGOs extroversion and innovation

ngoHeroes” provide a dynamic search and navigation capabilities in a user-friendly environment. Innovative site architecture and a wealth of options both on the external and internal features, providing broad potentials to the registered users.

Capabilities of registered organizations

  • Big resume base
  • Fast Search cv procedure
  • Option to save selected profiles
  • Custom resume filtering
  • Manage & Compare candidates
  • Space for job announcements
  • Section for organization’s presentation

Capabilities of registered jobseekers

  • Personal profile creation
  • Search for jobs or organizations to work for
  • Get Career Counselling
  • Get job alerts from NGOs interested in you
  • Career webinars
  • Resume building service

Contact ngoHeroes team

ngoHeroes team will be happy to help you with any of the following:

  • Technical support on platform issues.
  • Career advice and career guidance services.
  • Listen to your feedback and suggestions!

Contact Information

Phone: 210 613 1061

Email: [email protected]

For further information: ngoheroes.en