Program Description

The HIGGS Incubator is a training and advisory program, especially designed for non-profits in Greece (AMKE, Somateio/Association/Koin.S.Ep./Social Enterprise for social inclusion), with the aim to help them build capacity in strategic planning, establishing the organization, commencing operations and, ideally, attracting their first funding.

The program is directed to non-profits that:

  • Are in the process of being established and operating as well as acquiring legal status
  • Have acquired legal status in the past 2 years and have commenced operations
  • Need a reboot, even if they have been operating for more than the past 2 years

Program characteristics and benefits:

Cost: There is no cost, the program is offered free of charge
Duration: 12-24 months
Commencement: November of each year
Bootcamp: compulsory intensive 4 weeks training in 16 different areas of expertise
Workshops: training seminars especially adapted to the needs of Greek non-profits
Advisory: one to one meetings with the HIGGS Internal & External Team of Experts, regarding every aspect of their operations. Indicatively: Legal, Accounting, Marketing & Communications, Social Media, Volunteers Management
Networking: with major Greek & international non-profits, funders & media
Free use of the HIGGS premises to develop their activities
Sponsorship for the non-profits wishing to have their offices at HIGGS premises: percent of the rent for the first 12 months in the program
HIGGS Incubator Award: it is awarded to the Incubees that utilize our services to maximum extent and it comes with a cash prize!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Incubator program will be held mainly online.

To meet our Team and get additional information, please send an email to in[email protected]. We are looking forward to welcoming you at HIGGS!

Main Dates

The Application Period for the 9th Cycle of Incubator: Friday 29 September, at 23:59

9th Cycle Commencement: Monday, 06 November 2023


All participants in the Incubator program have to attend the Bootcamp, the exclusive training seminar provided by HIGGS, which takes place in 2 phases within the Incubator program for a period of 4 weeks:

a) Strategic planning (2 weeks)
b) Marketing & fundraising plan (2 weeks)

This 60-hour training program has been specifically designed for the Non-profit Organizations operating in Greece and covers 16 thematic areas. Its aim is to provide the appropriate skills and necessary knowledge that will add value to the NPOs’ establishment, operation and sustainability.

The Bootcamp will be held mainly online.

The Courses

The thematic areas of the training courses include:

  • Funding Sources
  • Funding from International DonorsEuropean Funds
  • Project Life Cycle 
  • Designing a Project 
  • Project Team Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Networking
  • Logical Framework
  • Timeplan & WPs Sequencing
  • Budgeting
  • Proposal Writing 
  • Project Implementation 
  • Project Monitoring Techniques 
  • Project Evaluation 
  • Μarketing Techniques 
  • Legal issues 
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Sustainability Plan

Course Hours

Courses are held during morning hours from 10:00 to 16:00.

Upon completion of the 1st phase of the program (first 2 weeks), participants have to take an examination which aims to evaluate whether they have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of what they have been taught.

Following your successful passing of the exam, you receive a certificate of attendance which can be included in your personal resume as well as in your organization’s credentials.

Submission Instructions

Please note that currently the trainings, advisory & services are conducted in Greek. If you choose to fill the application in English, you will need to have a fluent Greek-speaker, in order to be able to attend the program.

Application Criteria 

  • Individuals interested in creating an NPO, newly established NPOs (up to 2 years of
    operation), or NPOs aiming to relaunch strategically and operationally.
  • Legal Entities: AMKE, Somateio (Association), Integration Koin.S.Ep (Integration Social
  • The registered office and headquarters of the Nonprofit Organization need to be in Greece.
  • Deadline for submission of applications: September 22 , 2023, 23:59.

Selection Criteria

Innovative idea, knowledge of the respective field and the problem the NPO aims to solve


Motivation of the Management Τeam


Maturity of the idea, strategic planning


Evaluation Process Timeline

  • Deadline for submission of applications: August – September
  • Interviews:  Every October
  • Results Announcement:  Every October
  • 8th Cycle Commencement: Each November

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Incubator program will be held mainly online.

Application Form

    To apply for the Incubator program, please fill out the following application form. Please note that currently the trainings, advisory & services are conducted in Greek. If you choose to fill the application in English, you will need to have a fluent Greek-speaker, in order to be able to attend.

    NPO Status

    Legal statusNo legal status yet

    Organization statute
    If you have a legal status, please attach the organization statute.
    (Up to 3MB in pdf, doc, docx, odt or odf format)

    Organization Name
    If you do not have a Name for your Organization yet, please fill in: "We do not have an official name yet"

    Legal Entity / Date of establishment
    If you haven’t acquitted a legal status, please fill in: “We do not yet have a legal status”

    Brief Description of the Organization
    Objective, need they wish to cover, field, why society needs the organization’s services, vulnerable groups that will benefit from the Organizations activities, geographical area


    What is the current state of the Organization?
    Have you created a business plan for the first 2 years of operation? Have you appointed responsibilities within the team? Have you defined your operations and procedures? Have you implemented activities?


    Activities & Results in the years 2022-2023
    Please present in bullet-points you activities & results. If you haven’t implemented any projects, please fill in: “We haven’t implemented a project yet”


    Why do you wish to be part of the Incubator? How do you think it is going to help you?


    Founding Team/ Management Team CVs


    Contact Person

    Full Name

    Phone number


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