Volunteer opportunities

At HIGGS, we believe that volunteering is a crucial element for the progress of society. Our aim is to create bridges between volunteers, companies and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), giving them the opportunity to coordinate more effectively so that everyone’s contribution has the greatest possible impact.

Continuing ethelon’s important work, at HIGGS we are committed to connecting companies with CSOs through our Corporate Volunteer Programs. In addition, we offer volunteers the opportunity to discover interesting volunteer positions through our volunteer platform.

Our Corporate Volunteer Programs are a unique opportunity for companies to contribute to society and enhance their business image. By partnering with CSOs, companies can develop tailored volunteering programmes that meet their values and needs. Volunteer activities can cover a wide range of fields, such as environmental protection, education, health, social solidarity, and many others.

For more information about Corporate Volunteer Programs, contact us at [email protected]

Looking for a way to offer your time and skills to support the community?

Through the platform, you can search for volunteer positions in Civil Society Organisations and find the one that best suits you. Besides contributing to the community, it’s an opportunity to gain new skills and develop valuable collaborative relationships.

The process is simple and quick. You can do a quick search on the platform and find volunteer positions that interest you, taking into account the time you can spare, your skills and your area.

Check out the available positions here!

If you are a non-profit organization looking for volunteers for your activities, then you are on the ideal platform, through which you can reach out to dozens of volunteers looking for exactly the right position – yours!

The process is simple and consists of two steps. First, fill in the relevant form with basic information about your organisation and your actions. This will help you create your organisation’s profile on our platform.

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Then you can share the volunteer positions you offer. Provide details about the positions, such as your area of action, your needs and the skills required. This will help you attract the right volunteers to contribute to your efforts.

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It is important to note that non-profit organizations do not need to have a legal form to be included on our platform. Regardless of the size or type of organization, you are welcome to post your positions and search for suitable volunteers.

For any information about the platform please contact us at [email protected]