Bootcamp March – April 2016

March 2016 – HIGGS welcomed the first participants of the Incubator and Accelerator program, starting with the training seminar |Bootcamp|, which was completed on May 25th with the exams of the participants.

The NPOs of the first round of the Incubator are the following:
#The Tipping Point, # ‘Lara’ Guide-Dog School Hellas, #GivMed, #Athens Makerspace, #iSEA #Mobility

The NPOs of the first round of the Accelerator program are the following:
#PERPATO, #The Children of Spring, #”KINAPSY“, #Open Centre on the Protection and Support of Children and Families, #Κ.Ε.Φ.Ι, #Nosilia, #Mathaino Diatrofi (Learning about Nutrition), #Paidiko Xorio (Greek Children’s Village),#”OKANA“, #Dinami Zois, #Reading for Others.

HIGGS is preparing to welcome 10 more new organizations in the second round of the Accelerator program that begins on July 11th.

Within the context of empowering Nonprofit Organizations operating in Greece, HIGGS has created the two pillars Incubator and Accelerator. In the Incubator program we host individuals interested in creating an NPO, from newly established ones, or organizations that aim at rebooting themselves. The organizations participating in the Accelerator program have to be small or medium-sized NPOs with a maximum number of 40 permanent and full-time employees and they are selected based on the fundraising proposal that they submit.
Read more about Incubator and Accelerator.

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