Diavgeia program and NPOs

In 2010 the “Diavgeia” (clarity) program was introduced into the Greek Law, the main purpose of which is to enhance transparency by obliging the submission of laws and acts of governmental and administrative entities on the Internet in such a way that every citizen will have easy access to.

Furthermore, the Legislator, wishing to increase transparency on grant-funded expenditures, obliges Nonprofit Organizations, Institutions, Social Cooperative Enterprises as well as other Nonprofit entities funded in any way by the wider public sector with more than 3,000.00€ per year to publish expenditure information on the “Diavgeia” website.

Failure to publish the above information equals to exclusion of the liable entities from any kind of further subsidy or funding by General Government entities in the future.

In this context, the “Register of Subsidized Entities” (R.S.B. https://mef.diavgeia.gov.gr) was drafted. In the relevant hyperlink, there is also a User Manual, as well as a FAQ section that makes the system use quite easy. Registration at the R.S.B. is made electronically with the passwords the subsidized entity possesses in the “Taxisnet” system of General Secretariat for the Government Revenue.

Taking into account what has been written from time to time about “suspicious” state funding, the launch of the Register of Subsidized Entities through the “Diavgeia” program is a breakthrough in the transparency of Nonprofit Organizations and other subsidized entities since it imposes an obligation to them to post to the “Diavgeia” program any grant over 3,000.00€ coming from the wider public sector.

In this way the domestic legislator aims to limit the doubts of public opinion and to contribute to the emerge of organizations operating in a transparent and credible manner.

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