Fail #NOT: Greenpeace

28 February 2018 – We launched our new “Fail #NOT” events with Greenpeace Greece. Nikos Charalampidis, Executive Director, Greenpeace Greece, spoke about the organization’s projects focusing on examples of “failure” and how they have turned into “lessons”.

More specifically, the speaker presented the reasons that led to the failure, as well as the ways the organization managed to deal with the problems. In addition, he shared with the participants his experience and useful knowledge on how to turn the failure into a lesson.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. “Samuel Beckett

What are the HIGGS Fail #NOT Events?

These events present failed projects of organizations with significant experience that can answer the following questions:

⭕ Is a failure crucial for a project?
⭕ Does it happen to the best or the worst and why?
⭕ What are the main causes of project failure?
⭕ How can a failure become a tool for a Nonprofit Organization?
⭕ How can a Nonprofit Organization learn from a failure?

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