Erasmus+: VIRAL for Local Communities

HIGGS is participating as a strategic partner in the project “VIRAL – Intercultural Reality Active Learning for local communities” funded under the Erasmus+ KA2 Program. The VIRAL project intends to provide anyone working in the adult education sector (training and language schools, public bodies and public administration, first reception centers, cultural associations and libraries) with a useful tool to help refugees’/migrants’ integration and local communities’ mutual knowledge through the use of VR technology.

The final product will be what has been called as “Cross Cultural Toolbox”, a digital platform, absolutely free and accessible to everyone. Entering the TOOLBOX you will be able to download any instructions and material needed to introduce VR in cultural projects. Indicatively, the following material will be included: educational material, pilot learning units, the VR videos produced by all partners and an instruction manual on how to develop your own VR videos.

Project Consortium

  • NKey srl (Leader), Italy
  • HIGGS, Greece
  • CEBS, Poland
  • University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy
  • NGO APSES, Romania
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