HIGGS & HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP: A new collaboration begins!

HIGGS family is growing and welcoming the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group in its circle of supporters. HELPE Group will fund the participation of a newly-founded Nonprofit Organization in the HIGGS Incubator program for 1 year.

Thanks to HELPE Group’s contribution, the Nonprofit will be provided with the opportunity, for the next 12 months, to:
a) attend a specialized training program (Bootcamp), designed exclusively for the Organization’s needs, in order to enhance its knowledge and skills
b) create its business plan as well as its fundraising and marketing plans
c) gain access to acclaimed experts and consulting in the fields of administration, fundraising, legal issues, marketing, social media, volunteers’ management etc.
d) network with major Greek and international Nonprofits
e) gain experience through working with senior executives from other Nonprofits
f) submit its first funding proposals
g) set its head office at HIGGS premises, with the ability to use the meeting and event rooms at no cost

The Incubator program supports, on a daily basis, the newly established Nonprofits and addresses their specialized needs, in order to help them develop, be effective and increase their social impact in the fields they are active.

Since the beginning of the HIGGS Incubator program, in 2016, 17 NGOs have participated in the program. Thanks to the program, these NGOs have created 24 new jobs positions, secured more than 750.000€ in funding and have been helping more than 45.000 people from socially vulnerable groups all over Greece.

A huge thank you to the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group for the confidence it has placed in us for the quality of our services and our vision for a more active and useful Civil Society.

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