HIGGS at Break Free 2017

26 March 2017 – HIGGS participated at “Break Free” in Athens, in a colorful and peaceful walk against what we are committed to: injustice, inequality, discrimination and climate change.

Break Free began last year as a global umbrella of actions in 20 countries against fossil fuels. This year, from 12 to 31 March, hundreds of actions were implemented in 35 countries, including Greece, motivated by the collective claim for a sustainable planet, equality and justice.

The Break Free alliance organizations for Greece were as follows:

SolidarityNow, ActionAid Hellas, ANIMA, ARCHELON, Animal Action – Greek Animal Welfare Fund, Doctors Without Borders, Color Youth, Diktio Mesogeios Sos, Greek Community of Bangladesh, Hellenic Platform for Development, Greek Forum of Refugees, Greek Institute of Passive House, Fair Trade Hellas, Generation 2.0, Greenpeace, Givmed, iSea, Ithaca Laundry, Callisto, Klimaka (Suicide Help), Koispe, AMRCG (Community of Afghan Migrants and Refugees in Greece), (A.FG.U.GR) United Afghan’s community in Greece, Hellenic community of-lubumbashi, MEDASSET, Metadrasi, OuranioToksoFamilies, ECOREC, Ecological Movement of Drama, United African Women Organization, Organization earth, CISD (Citizens Inspectorate for Sustainable Develpment), Passivistas, Shedia, Cultural Association of Greece of India, Cultural Association Plegma, Lalibela- Childern Support Organization, SEP, Save Prasonisi, Vouliwatch, WWF Hellas and HIGGS!

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