Outreach: NGOs & Responsible Leadership

24 October 2018: More than 30 participants from Nonprofit Organizations attended the “Outreach Event: NGOs & Responsible Leadership” and the speech of Markus Hipp, Member of the Board of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Member of the Advisory Board of HIGGS.

Markus Hipp explained what “responsible leadership” means and talked about the experiences he has gone through as a social entrepreneur and an internationally well-known foundation manager. Finally, he presented best practices that could help NPO members take on their own leading and responsible roles.


HIGGS (Higher Incubator Giving Growth and Sustainability), operating as a meeting point for Greek and International NPOs and the Community, devoted to the power of information and extraversion, organizes the open event “Outreach Event: Extraversion Towards Knowledge”.

The “Outreach Event: Extraversion Towards Knowledge” includes presentations and lectures on topics, questions and contemplations concerning not only NPOs but also Greek society in general.


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We, at HIGGS, have as a mandate to help those who help! Our project aims at empowering 14 non-profit organizations in Greece through state-of-the-art tailor-made educational programs and counseling provided by our highly experienced team free of charge!