HIGGS Research_COVID-19 & Nonprofits : The Day After

For HIGGS, as for many other organizations, the previous period was a period of restructuring the way we operate. At the same time, it brought a process -to be gradually completed-of data review, review of needs and mode of analysis of specific elements of the Greek NPO ecosystem. Experiencing a relatively calm phase during July-August 2020, we aim at utilizing the lessons learned from the first phase of the current crisis to better prepare for the future. How are we placing ourselves in the field? Which are the tools to preserve from the previous period? What are we changing, if at all, in our fundraising mix/processes? And, lastly, how are we supporting a more active Civil Society in Greece?

In this sense, the results of this research can give us a first glimpse of how the ecosystem survived the crisis, a valuable intel on how to organize ourselves in the long-term.

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