Incubator Higher Achiever Award

It has been a year since the official start of the first Incubator program of HIGGS, during which we worked intensively with 6 newly established organizations in order to help them achieve their goals and vision.

Life in HIGGS is not just organizational charts, budgets, strategic plans, meetings, reports and deadlines! It also has the Incubator Higher Achiever Award, which is awarded every 6 months to an Incubee, or Incubees, with efficiency and, besides the moral satisfaction it offers, comes with a symbolic amount of money.

Winners of the 1st cycle of Incubator have been GIVMED and iSea, two organizations that have shown commitment to their growth plan and particular mobility in their actions!

GIVMED | Share Medicine Share life, is an innovative Nonprofit Organization which encourages and enables individuals to share their unused, unexpired medicines and save people’s lives. Founded in March 2016 and within the first 5 months of operation, it has networked 3,100 cans of 27,500 euros worth of medicines in 19 public utilities (for example: PRAKSIS, Kivotos tou Kosmou, Hospice for Neuro-disability). GIVMED team consists of young people with a vision of direct access to health care for all people. The organization has been rewarded for its action by the European Alpbach Forum, the ePayment, the Impact HUB, and is also among the winners of Vodafone’s World of Difference program for 2017 and HIGGS Incubees .

iSea has created a vision of protecting aquatic ecosystems in order to preserve biodiversity and ensure the diversity and dynamics of aquatic masses for being clean, healthy and productive. The purpose of the organization is 1) to contribute to the protection of aquatic ecosystems by raising the awareness of the state, and the public in order to take measures where unreasonable actions are being carried out, 2) to alert and inform the impact of climate change on aquatic ecosystems 3 ) To contribute to the promotion of sustainable development with the aim of social, economic and environmental well-being. The organization is constantly developing its actions, consisting of an excellent team of young and more experienced scientists of different disciplines.
Warm congratulations and the good of our other organizations!

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