Interview of GIVMED – Incubator 1st Cycle

1) A few words about the organization’s goals, work and results so far.

In 2015 every Greek bought about 45 boxes of medicines and 10-15% unused… at the same time, 2,300,000 fellow human beings lived below the poverty line, i.e. they could not meet their basic needs. This gap is bridged by GIVMED, the first network of over-the-counter medical drug use. Through GIVMED we help everybody donate the drugs that are unused, exactly where there is a need through his mobile phone. In addition to networking for over-the-counter medicines for public benefit organizations, GIVMED’s main purpose is to inform the world about issues related to medicines and their proper management. GIVMED has been operating for 1.5 years and has managed to network 4,500 boxes of drugs which worth a total of 35,000 euros to 36 utility companies that meet the needs of 8,000 people.

2) How much do you think your participation in the HIGGS Incubator program helped you and why?

The participation of our team in the HIGGS incubator program was crucial in achieving these results. Specifically:
1. 80-hours training on issues related to charitable organizations (e.g. project management, funding, promotion) was important, since no member of our team had similar experience.
2. The provision of logistical support was necessary to ensure the necessary infrastructure and to devote ourselves to the effective implementation of our goals.
3. Networking with other charitable organizations, which was vital, as cooperation with those who need drugs is essential to the function of our organization. More generally, HIGGS is a living space that attracts students from abroad, donors and important people from the academic and business sector.
4. The most important part was the daily support from the HIGGS team and the project manager who was next to us tο make us aware, guide and support us on strategic issues that every newly founded organization has.

3) Can you list the areas where you have improved and give us some examples?

The areas we’ve improved are all the above! In the field of education, with the support of the HIGGS team, we have found funding sources, to which we have submitted and secured funding! In the field of networking, about 20% of the public benefit organizations we collaborate with, we have met them in the HIGGS programs or in the events it organizes monthly in its premises. Finally, HIGGS’s support on strategic issues as well as on a specific communication problem that emerged was crucial to its effective settlement. In general, our participation in the Incubator program creates a sense of security and credibility for our organization and especially when other organizations and individuals find it difficult to trust a new organization with new people.

4) Why would you advise other organizations to participate in the Incubator program?

Because they will not find a team such as the HIGGS team, with better knowledge on civil society, and especially with a real willingness to help and support any initiative of people who want to improve the Greek society. Because HIGGS is a warm place full of people who really try to do their best to overcome the difficult socio-economic situation of the country. Additionally, to exploit the wealth of knowledge and experience the Incubator can offer, one must be willing to get out of their comfort zone and embark on a demanding training process. Our team realized very soon the value it could gain from the program and therefore today it has been benefited the maximum possible, reaching the above results.

5) What are your next steps? Would you like to share with us some of your next activities?

Our participation in HIGGS was marked by the creation of an action plan and the development of a basic strategy so that we know the steps that we need to take at all times. At this time, therefore, we are completing the development of our product so that the drug delivery process can be done by desktop as well and we are coordinating the first organized promotional actions. Furthermore, we are continuing the awareness activities and exploitation of medicines in cooperation with companies and we are proud to organize the first national poll on the donation and management of medicines in Greece! More news about our next activities can be found at

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