María Luisa Chávez: «Working Together Making A Difference»

24 October 2016 – In support of the UN Day celebration on 24 October 2016, HIGGS organized at its premises an event with the title “Working Together Making a Difference”. Mrs. María Luisa Chávez, Former Chief, NGO Relations Unit, UNDPI, Member, Board of Trustees at UNIS, and Member of the Advisory Board of HIGGS, was the keynote speaker. Mrs. María Luisa Chávez presented the UNDPI’s work and emphasized on the role of NGOs with the UN by sharing with the audience her professional and personal experience as well. Representatives from different Greek NGOs were present, making the event lively by arising a lot of questions regarding the UNDPI and its role.

Ms. Maria-Luisa Chávez, retired from the United Nations in 2013, after a thirty-two year career ranging from a Political Affairs Officer to Chief of Non-Governmental Organizations Relations. Please find her Biographical Note here.

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