NBG Business Seeds and HIGGS

Our cooperation with the National Bank of Greece has given to the Nonprofits of our Incubator and Accelerator programs the opportunity to benefit from the services provided by the NBG Business Seeds program and receive targeted support and guidance on business issues.

Nonprofits of the Incubator and Accelerator have already held their first meetings with Mr. Spiros Arsenis, Coordinator of the Program, who has advised them on their strategic and the fundraising plans.

NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program designed to foster innovative and export-oriented entrepreneurship.It includes actions that aim at showcasing innovative ideas and projects, training and mentoring teams, and providing infrastructures, networking and financing. Once the competition phase is over and the proposals are awarded, NBG places special emphasis on supporting the implementation of selected shortlisted proposals through the actions of the NBG Business Seeds program

The NBG focuses on 5 main areas:

– Participation of the teams supported by the Organization in the “Innovation & Technology” competition under the auspices of NBG Business Seeds.

– Participation of the teams supported by NBG Business Seeds in the actions run by the Organization.

– Joint organization of actions, events and workshops with a view to promoting innovation, with a special focus on social entrepreneurship.

– Targeted support for and mentoring of business issues concerning the teams supported by the Organization.

– Ability of the Organization to propose mature start-ups for inclusion in NBG Business Seeds and to seek out relevant financing.

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