Outreach: NGO & Corporate Social Responsibility

21 March 2018 –  A total of 60 representatives of Greek Nonprofit Organizations attended the event “NGO & Corporate Social Responsibility” where they had the chance to meet experienced speakers of CSR, among which were Dimitris Danilatos, Chief Executive Officer of CSR HELLAS, Rania Soulaki, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Eytichia Varthaliti, of the Corporate Social Responsibility Division of HELLENIC PETROLEUM and Vivian Ino Tsamadou, Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility, of PwC GREECE.

The rapporteurs shared with the participants guidelines and best practices concerning a more effective use of CSR by NPOs, and they provided a detailed analysis about CSR strategies and their benefits to society.

Within the framework of the event, Katerina Velliou, Assistant Manager at HIGGS, presented HIGGS’ recent survey on Corporate Social Responsibility in Greece. Its goal is to inform NPOs about how to network and search for financial resources and opportunities from companies, the successful submission of financing proposals and the establishment of successful partnerships. Distinguished companies took part at the research, such as TITAN Group, OTE – COSMOTE Group, National Bank of Greece, as well as NGOs with significant experience in the field, such as Smile of a Child, Make a Wish Greece, WWF Hellas, ActionAid Hellas, Child’s Heart, PRAKSIS and Arsis.

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