Outreach: NGOs & Media II

9 March 2018 – Considering that communication is the most important basis for building stable partnerships, HIGGS hosted the event “NGOs & Media” in order to associate Non-Governmental Organizations in the journalistic field. Representatives of Nonprofit Organizations attended the event in order to get precious information and enhance their work aiming at the promotion and communication of their action through media.

Maira Barba from SKAI, Dimitris Bounias from Vice, Vicky Gerasimou from the CSR Index and Areti Bita by ERT were the speakers of the event. They talked about the ways journalists should be approached by NPOs and shared with us the secrets that can make our action even more successful through campaigns, information materials and cooperation with journalistic and informational agencies. After the speeches, the participants had the opportunity to express their questions and concerns and to ask for valuable advice on how to communicate their work to the general public.


HIGGS (Higher Incubator Giving Growth and Sustainability), operating as a meeting point for Greek and International NPOs and the Community, devoted to the power of information and extraversion, organizes the open event “Outreach Event: NGO & Digital Marketing”.

The ‘’Outreach Event: NGO & Digital Marketing’’ includes presentations and lectures on topics, questions and contemplations concerning not only NPOs but also Greek society in general.

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