Outreach: NGOs and European Programs – Athens

20 September 2017 – We held the “Outreach Event: NGOs and European Programs” with the following speakers: Dr Sotiris Petropoulos, Director of HIGGS, Dr Antonis Karvounis, Europe for Citizens 2014 – 2020, Contact Point Greece, Ministry of Interior, Kelli Garifalli, Project Manager and General Coordinator, Fair Trade Hellas and Alexandros Theodoridis, Founding Member and Manager of Boroume.

The presentations included information on the context of EU Programs implementation, procedures of planning, submission and on research of partners. Additionally, speakers presented tips and tricks and spoke about mistakes that should be avoided.

Furthermore, Fair Trade Hellas and Mporoume, who have succesfully implemented EU Programs shared with the participants their experience as well as best practices.

What are HIGGS Outreach Events?

HIGGS |Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability| being a meeting place for Greek and international NPOs and the Community, with a belief in the power of information and extroversion, organizes open thematic events called “OUTREACH EVENTS: Extroversion in Knowledge”.

“OUTREACH EVENT: Extroversion in Knowledge” includes presentations and lectures on issues, questions and reflections that concern not only NPOs but also Greek society.

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