Outreach: Studies & Orientation in Greece

15 November 2016 – On the occasion of International Students Day, HIGGS held the event called “Outreach: Studies & Orientation in Greece”.

“Be all you can be. Become the architect of your academic and professional career”, was the theme presented by Amalia Konstantakopoulou, Director of The Tipping Point, and Incubee at HIGGS. Mrs Konstantakopoulou presented the interconnection that the organization offers so that everyone can check all the perspectives that are provided when they come in contact with people they admire.

Mariangela Lestou, founder of Look4studies, provided information to people interested in Scholarships & Other Sources of Finance in Greece so that they can find a way to gain the specialization in the field they choose.

Finally, Sotiris Petropoulos, Diretor of HIGGS, presented the skills and knowledge that a candidate NPO worker needs and announced the HIGGS Internship program.


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