Training for Care Homes Staff

29 – 30 November 2018: We offered tailor-made training and consulting services to 5 Care Homes for the elderly in Attica with the support of the TIMA Charitable Foundation.

The aim of the program was to strengthen the care homes in order to render them sustainable while helping them improve the quality of care offered to their elderly residents. The organizations had the opportunity to attend for free an 8-month training course (April – November 2018) which included workshops with experienced trainers on issues related to gerontology and administration.

The care homes that participated in the training program were the following:
1. Welfare Charitable Association of Moschato Merimna – “Dionysios Theofilatos”
2. Nea Filadelfeia Kalos Samareitis Care Home
3. Nea Ionia Panagia Eleousa Care Home
4. Meropion Charity Foundation
5. Estia Konstantinoupoleos

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