2nd HIGGS Award “Incubator Higher Achiever Award”

7 September 2017 –Τhe Incubees of the 1st and 2nd circle of HIGGS Incubator Program were awarded with the <<Incubator Higher Achiever Award>>. Winners of the award due to the development and the consistency to their goals were Ithaca Laundry, GIVMED and Revive Greece.

Ithaca Laundry is a mobile laundry service aimed at homeless people in Athens, which was founded in 2015. In the past one year and a half, it operates 5 days a week in different but stable spots of the city, serving up to 300 beneficiaries per month. The organization’s goal is to decrease the social exclusion of homeless people, to raise awareness and to mobilize citizens. Through providing free of cost hygiene services to people with no access to them, Ithaca contributes to the amelioration of their personal hygiene as well as to them earning back their self-respect and their dignity. Since January 2017, Ithaca has managed to create 2 working positions for people who come from socially vulnerable groups, giving them the chance to reintegrate into society.

GIVMED| Give Medicine Share Life, is the first network for the utilization of leftover drugs in Greece. Its goal is the networking of the leftover drugs for the benefit of Civil Society Organizations(social pharmacies, retirement homes) and to raise awareness of the large amount of drugs that expire the same exact moment that hundreds of thousands fellow people are unable to cover their pharmaceutical needs. In the last year, GIVMED has acquired quite a few honors on a national and European level, but what is of great importance is people’s participation and the support of the pharmaceutical field which has led to the donation of 5.500 boxes of drugs worth 52.300 euros.

Revive Greece is a Nonprofit Organization whose mission is to help refugees integrate into our country and, at the same time, to contribute to the decrease of the gap of digital skills. For that purpose, through the online education platform Match & Teach Me for Integration, refugees are being taught programming and afterwards they are forwarded to the private sector for inclusion to the job market. This particular initiative was distinguished as a finalist between 1623 suggestions from all over the world, in the international competition <<Innovate for Refugees>>, which took place in Amman, Jordan in October 2016.

What is exactly Incubator Higher Achiever Award?

Incubator Higher Achievement Award is awarded every 6 months to the Incubee or the Incubees of HIGGS with the highest efficiency. Other than the moral satisfaction it provides, it is also accompanied with a symbolic funding.

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