Civil Society in Greece: Positions and Developments” – 1st annual meeting

On April 22, 2021, the conference entitled “Civil Society in Greece: Positions and Developments” – 1st annual meeting was held online, co-organized by the Charitable Foundation Ath. K. Laskaridis and HIGGS.

Through 8 panels & 6 Networking Sessions, with the participation of 29 speakers and 14 coordinators, the actions and collaborations that take place in the third sector in Greece and in Europe were highlighted and good practices of collaborations between institutions from all sectors –Private (Corporations), Public, Academic, Embassies, Civil Society -were presented.

The participation of the people clearly showed how great the need for such meetings is: more than 540 initial applications, more than 420 participants in the panels and over 140 participants in the Networking Sessions.

Aiming to make this conference an institution and to be held every year with national and international participation, we proceed to the planning of the next meeting for 2022 utilizing the results of the first meeting, responding to the need of the Civil Society sector in Greece for a lasting and open dialogue in cooperation with all sectors.

Please find the agenda here: CS CONF_Agenda_20.04.21

Watch the video of the conference here

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