Emfasis Foundation Workshop

November 10th 2017: Maria Karra, Founding Member at Emfasis Foundation conducted a three hour workshop with title ‘’Short Introduction to the basic principles of Street Work’’ for new volunteers. The seminar was attended by Ethelon and Emfasis Foundation’s volunteers as well as members of the human resources of companies that were going to participate in the campaign Merry Streetmas.

The seminar’s purpose was the conversation and the analysis of homeless people’s needs. During the seminar the participants’ emotions towards vulnerable and socially excluded fellow people were examined, while through an interactive procedure the attenders talked about how people in need can be substantially helped according to Street Work’s principles.

During the workshop, personal stories of Emfasis Foundation’s beneficiaries and the ways the route of their empowerment was engraved were presented. In addition, as it was mentioned, of crucial importance was the dedication of Street Workers, the organization’s “army” of volunteers, who, on a daily basis, are mapping incidents, keeping records of the requests and are building individual mobilization programs in order to improve the quality of life of those in need.

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