Greek NPOs and Crowdfunding

HIGGS in order to support Greek Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs), has carried out the first survey in Greece on “Crowdfunding and NPOs”.

The aim of the research was to study and analyze the practice of pooling resources as well as to record the crowdfunding campaigns of Greek NPOs in order to investigate the factors that led to their success.

We also proceeded with the following actions:

  1. survey with questionnaires on crowdfunding platforms.
  2. survey with questionnaires for Nonprofit Organizations that have gone into crowdfunding campaigns.
  3. collection of participants views during HIGGS crowdfunding event on 1st June 2017 with the participation of many organizations and representatives from various platforms.
  4. research on various platforms, acting as potential donors, so as to gain a better insight into the experience each donor experiences when he begins to donate.

Please find the survey in English in the following link: HIGGS Report “Greek NPOs & Crowdfunding”.

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