NPOs of the 5th Cycle of Accelerator talk about the program


Elena Palagka, Nina Service Dogs

“Despite the fact that we are in the 3rd year of our Organization’s life, upon completion of Accelerator΄s four-month circle, having attended all of the seminars, the workshops and the meetings with all of HIGGS’ expert consultants, we feel a mix of emotions, just like our conclusions and our responsibilities. Taking into account the sustainability, the longevity and the proper operation of our NPO, we need time to analyse, absorb, clarify, adopt and implement correctly everything we were taught through rich, interesting but also specialized material.

We would call it a Master’s degree of specialized knowledge on NPOs, which, in the long term, will help the Organization, placing the way we used to operate on a new a completely different base and approach. We would like to thank the Administration and all HIGGS partners for their cooperation, support and knowledge. We would also like to thank  for their willingness to support us in the future. It’s important to feel that we have supporters and companions in order to do charity work  and to give to our fellow people.”

Natasa Karra, Rescue Gr

“I would like to thank HIGGS for its patience and persistence that showed to me, even though I was completely inexperienced on courses of such level. The specialized scientific partners that were selected to teach us methods and practices during the Accelerator program, provided me with a unique experience and significant knowledge. My job is to pass on my knowledge to Greek Rescuers in order to build a bridge of skills and experience. Well done! Keep moving!”


Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Keletron Love For Children

“Our Organization’s participation in the Accelerator program, has provided to its members the technical know-how, precious experiences, new acquaintances with Civil Society’s organizations and, without a doubt, has strengthened its capabilities in order to successfully carry on its social work.”



Elena Dede, Dogs’ Voice

“Our participation at HIGGS Accelerator program was of crucial importance for οrganizing the next steps of our Organization. Through the program we mapped our weaknesses, we clarified the targeted actions for 2018 and we laid the foundations for their realization. HIGGS team consists of people with high level of training in issues that concern the operation of Nonprofit Organizations, completely dedicated to the strengthening of the Organizations’ actions and to the maximization of their social impact.

The program covers all the needed thematics for the proper action planning and the submission of financial proposals, the instructors of the perspective themes have a high level of knowledge and valuable experience and are constantly present to assist the groups of the participating organizations. HIGGS means valuable knowledge, support and teamwork. It is the healthiest part of civil society and we thank you from our hearts for the opportunity we have been given to be part of it.”


Giorgos Strobolakos, Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece

“Τhe Accelerator program has helped me a lot when it comes to the level of knowledge and organization of the NPO for which I’m working. Its material covers almost all of an NPO’s action field. The instructors had shown professionalism in their teachings, they were very approachable and their presentations were very targeted and in tune with our needs. I think HIGGS is innovative at what it does and should continue doing it in order to help Civil Society to develop even more.”

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