Informational event on Accelerator program in Ioannina

15-16 May 2017 – On the occasion of the 5th cycle of the Accelerator program, we held meetings with 20 representatives of Nonprofit Organizations in 4 cities (Preveza, Arta, Igoumenitsa and Ioannina).

Our goal was to inform organizations about HIGGS services and programs and mainly about Accelerator program, but also learn more about their own work and listen to their own educational needs.

More specifically, during these two days, we visited the following organizations:

In addition, on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, we held an information event at the educational center of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, in Ioannina where the participants had the opportunity to be informed about the Accelerator program and the application process for the 5th cycle. More information about Accelerator can be found here.


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