Internship at HIGGS: Students’ Experience

Elisa Pagiolari – Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Peloponnese


A few months ago, I had the chance to apply for an internship through the University of Peloponnese, where I am studying. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to do an internship in a Nonprofit Organization. Through my personal research, I came across HIGGS, «an NPO for other NPOs”, and I understood it was the organization I was looking for, as HIGGS would give me the chance to meet many other organizations.

The internship at HIGGS was a valuable working experience. I worked in a very friendly and cooperative environment, where everyone was willing to answer all my questions. This is the key to a smooth start for any young person’s career. I took on various responsibilities that helped me to develop my knowledge and skills in research and met many NPOs from Greece and abroad. Furthermore, HIGGS organized various events that helped me to improve my communication and public relations skills.

I cherish many beautiful moments from my internship at HIGGS thanks to which I was also able to broaden my knowledge. Not only did this internship enrich my resume, but it also gave me the opportunity to use my creativity and work in a pleasant atmosphere. For this reason, I would recommend HIGGS to other students.

Nikoleta Tsiknaki, – Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Peloponnese


Although placements are not compulsory at my University, I chose to apply for HIGGS because I wanted to gain professional experience. When my university tutor for placements referred me to HIGGS, I decided to seize the opportunity to understand how Nonprofit Organizations work and help by giving my own contribution.

The activities ranged from the creation of reports to the communication with potential funders. I acquired valuable knowledge that I will apply during the rest of my studies and in my future career. This internship has taught me a lot. HIGGS’s vision and work are extremely important and remarkable, but what I appreciated most was their team. From the beginning, everyone was very friendly, helpful, and willing to teach me and make feel part of the team, although I only worked there for a short period.

I fully recommend an internship at HIGGS to other students, not only because they will be able to use their creativity but also because they will have a great time.

Gourra Tentian, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Peloponnese

When I decided to apply for an internship I had a couple of options in mind, among which HIGGS. I was lucky to know someone who had already completed an internship at HIGGS and who spoke so enthusiastically about it. Therefore, I was quite happy when I told my friend I was going to work for three months at HIGGS. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this internship is because I would meet several NPOs.

The benefits of this internship were numerous. I learned what teamwork means; Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to learn how Nonprofit Organizations work, something which I was curious to observe. Moreover, I met people who I could not have met otherwise and who helped me a lot.

HIGGS gives you the opportunity to get in touch with many NPOs and provides you with the skills you need to work in this field. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone not only to do an internship but also to work in a Nonprofit Organization because you can help those in need. It is nice to see people taking initiatives and helping vulnerable communities by offering their time and putting valuable effort into achieving their goals.


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