Interview of iSea – Incubator 1st Cycle

1) A few words about the organization’s goals, work and results so far.

The purpose of iSea is to protect and conserve aquatic ecosystems through a holistic approach to the contemporary problems they face. In addition, its objectives are to inform and raise awareness of the state, public opinion about the environmental and social impacts of climate change through the degradation of aquatic ecosystems and the implementation of non-rational practices and actions. The organization carries out actions related to: a) water scraps; b) alien species; c) fishing; and d) interactions of humans and aquatic ecosystems.

2) How much do you think your participation in the HIGGS Incubator program helped you and why?

HIGGS has provided iSea with access and knowledge on important issues related to supporting legal and financial issues for new NPOs which we can hardly cover with our own resources and funds that would be needed to recruit such experts. In addition, other aspects of knowledge provided by HIGGS are related to support and advice on proposals made by iSea.

3) Can you list the areas where you have improved and  give us some examples?

iSea has benefited from its collaboration with HIGGS in writing and implementing programs, setting up internal processes, gaining knowledge about the NPO’s area and accumulated experience on various day-to-day issues. Specifically:
1. Preparation and implementation of the EEA Grants program “We Are All Citizens” on “Enhancing Knowledge in Certified Fisheries in Partnership” with FAIR TRADE Hellas in Iceland.
2. Communication and contact with the A.C. Laskarides.
3. Acquire knowledge and experience through the targeted seminars organized by HIGGS.

4) Why would you advise other organizations to participate in the Incubator program?

We would advise them for the following reasons:
A) For legal, accounting and financial support concerning NPOs,
B) To establish contacts with potential donors,
C) To create cooperation and collaborations among incubees.

5) What are your next steps? Would you like to share with us some of your next actions?

iSea intends to invest its resources in the foreign program “Do you host? Share it with us, “and seek a financial proposal for this. At the same time, the organization invests on the promotion of the program “Take care of your place, clean a beach”, during which a series of beach cleaning will be carried out in September and October. Finally, iSea intends to create cooperations and partnerships with other environmental NPOs for environmental protection and awareness activities as well as for public engagement.

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