The NPOs of the 4th cycle of the Accelerator talk about the program

Alexia Serpantie, Park of Joy: A Park for All

“What a wonderful building! These are the first thoughts that come to our mind. Then, you walk in, many smiling faces and full of energy, you feel like you have known this place and people for years. You feel like your own home as you manage to meet people that have the same insecurities with you, and you already feel like fellow travelers in the same journey.

Gradually, you realize the exceptional organization of the program, the rich content of subjects it contains of, and the carefully selected specialized speakers. We should also mention our valuable meetings with Aris and Sotiris who dedicated a lot of time and were always available. Thank you!”

Evangelia Aggelidou, Hellenic Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders of Chalkida

The program overcame my expectations. The educators were exceptional, kind, friendly, and adequately trained and contagious. New horizons were opened. The training seminars of the accelerator program are vital to the expansion and survival of an NPO, during which important issues are analyzed such as marketing, funding resources etc.  I feel immense gratitude towards the HIGGS team that gave me the chance to be a part of this program.

Fay Orfanidou, Greek Bank of Memories

“It is a very useful tool to whoever is involved in any way with helping the society. I learned a lot, I organized my mind in a better way, made new acquaintances and also some friendships with people with the same way of thinking. We also had a great time!”

Asimina Brouzou, Challedu

“The Accelerator program of HIGGS was a great opportunity to empower and expand Challedu, in many ways. Through seminars, personal meetings with experts, HIGGS staff that are daily next to us, events, and especially through the open co-working space, we had the chance to learn how to write proposals, how to reinforce our impact, how to promote our work while at the same time we had the opportunity to join a community and find new partners.”

Emmanouela Kapokaki, Art Theatre “Green Horses” 

“The Accelerator is a well-structured program. A lot of knowledge! It is wonderful to have access to such information! You revise a lot after this experience! I feel grateful.”

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