NGOs on the Internet II

Whether we are thinking of creating or running a Facebook page for our organization, we need to take into account the following 3 points in order to ensure a normal operation of our Facebook page.

1. Information
What am I and what do I do?
We should ensure that the information in the “About” and the cover page clearly describes the identity of our organization and the specific services it offers. The information provided has to be short and the cover page has to summarize our services in only 1-3 sentences in the best possible way.

2. Posts
“Do not tell me what you are showing me, do not show me what you tell me”
This old saying summarizes in 2 sentences about how we should make a publication on our page. Advertising in one of its styles works with text and artwork to give a clear message enriching it with the escort of an artist who emphasizes the message. So, then, we have to deal with each of our publications. Like a small advertising message that will aim to describe clearly and correctly our artistic / verbal combination of our message.

3. Posting frequency
How often do we post?
Starting with 3 posts per week, we need to have a daily presence on Facebook. The content of the publications should cover the entire spectrum of our organization’s operation and to gradually develop outside of it, reproducing content related to our action from other sources.

Dimitris Mouzakis | Digital Communications Adviser


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