NGOs on the Internet

As part of HIGGS educational activities, I have the opportunity to work with NGOs working in Greece, in the framework of advisory meetings on issues related to the use of Facebook. Based on the experience I have gained, there is a strong need to improve and enhance the digital image of NGOs, as it is made up on the Facebook page and the website that each organization maintains.

Internet plays a very important role in the functioning and viability of the organization in terms of information exchange, participation and public debate. At the same time, it creates a relationship of trust with NGOs, restoring the existing suspicion of NGOs in Greece.

In addition, especially Facebook, besides a tool that serves the organization’s commercial purposes, is also a very useful tool for transmitting social messages, through different types of communication (materials, photography, text, video, graphic design).

Finally, web pages and Facebook are tools related to the viability of an NGO, whether or not an organization will be able to continue its important work and can make a major contribution to this direction.

The above approach is just to highlight (especially Facebook) as a communication tool. Each tool performs a purpose and has the corresponding instructions for better performance. In the next article we will highlight this dimension by quoting and analyzing various dos and don’ts, tips and tricks for a better online intervention through our Facebook page.


Dimitris Mouzakis | Digital Communications Adviser

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