School Visits at HIGGS: “Me and you together”

12 & 13 December 2016 – In the context of our actions and our desire for teenagers to become acquainted with the world of Nonprofit Organizations and the notion of charity, we have co-operated with the 4eproject program “Me and you together”, where pupils of the third grade of the 42nd Gymnasium of Athens participated.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to get to know and interact with one of the newly established HIGGS host organizations within the Incubator program, iSea, which is an environmental organization for the protection of aquatic ecosystems.

Objectives of the educational program for teenagers:
• Learn how NPOs are organized and operate
• Get information from skilled people
• To get in touch with the organization and operation of an NPO in an experiential manner
• Understand the concept of charity and solidarity through experiential actions
• Exercise in the exchange of ideas and the expression of ideas

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