Workshop from the Educational Organization ‘’Dimitra’’

October 12th 2017:  The Educational Organization ‘’Dimitra’’ conducted an educational workshop for trainers and feedback for the educational learning material of the greek language  with an emphasis on human rights.

The workshop’s main goal was to provide information and help participants to familiarize with innovative educational methodologies and tools that were developed as part of the program “Human Rights in Practice: Human Rights as a part of language training to prevent HRV and harmful practices in the communities” for the integration of immigrants and refugees into European local societies, highlighting the inclusion of human rights into their language training.

In the workshop participated representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations that are active on the field of the integration of immigrants and refugees into local communities. The educational material of the program “Human Rights in Practice” for human rights in the language κατάρτιση of refugees and immigrants is available for free in the program’s website.,

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