Interview with Fundación Empresa y Sociedad – TGE Network Partner

A few words about the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad

Empresa & Sociedad is a foundation that was created in 1995 with the aim to innovative corporate commitment to society, fostering an open and collaborative leadership in areas with the potential to generate exponential changes.

After fifteen years of working in the field of (what is now known as) Corporate Social responsibility, where Empresa & Sociedad was a really key promoter in Spain since 2010, now works on three new innovation ecosystems:

  • The B2B Ecosystem, where companies and scaleups share experiences and collaboration on strategic innovation and digital transformation.
  • GENIOR, a living laboratory of ideas and actions that invites you to imagine the future of work in a digital world and long-lived, and activate anyone interested to get it as we would like.
  • An international network of collaborative PHILANTHROPY, as the partner in Spain of Transnational Giving Europe Network, an international network of large foundations that facilitates the application of the tax legislation of the country of the donor when making a donation to philanthropic entities of another country.

Empresa & Sociedad is financed primarily from the services provided:
 Association fees of companies and scaleups
 Services on demand
 Sponsorship.

This form of financing is a self-imposed challenge as proof that it is able to generate value.

What are the main projects of the Foundation?

The B2B ecosystem
It is a forum for open innovation formed by scaleupsB2B and large companies. Aims to “provide external view and connections” for company members, which helps find solutions to meet their strategic challenges of innovation and accelerating the digital transformation “time to market”. Based on an Observatory of the best scaleupsB2B, make calls as on behalf of its member companies, presentations in Company to innovation teams and corporate areas and Plans Open for Business Innovation in collaboration with the specialized niche of the entrepreneurial world. It also organizes networking and benchmarking innovation activities and informative events for executives of the business world.

The scaleups are young companies with a digital native component, which have large companies as clients and are undergoing strong growth.

Since 2014, Empresa & Sociedad holds annually its COMPRENDEDOR Awards, which aims at recognizing the growth of scaleupsB2B and the demonstration effect of its collaboration with companies.

In a world where more and more people live longer in better conditions, Empresa & Sociedad aims at “accelerating cultural change towards a life in which hybrid cohabit the current sequential phases of training, work and rest, as each, for a better future individually and as a society. “

GENIOR is a laboratory of ideas and actions that try to imagine the future of work in a digital world and long-lived, and turn to anyone who is interested to it as we would like.

It is a collaborative project that grows thanks to people GENIOR. A GENIOR is a curious and proactive person regardless of age, always ready to work for themselves but especially in the latter part of their working lives. It is part of a not cross age, longitudinal generation with the gene of active curiosity.

It has a special activity in the field of:
 Alumni of the leading international business schools.
 Global projects of social, cultural and environmental fields.
 International reference entities in research and medical practice.

3) Do you implement any events/programmes/workshops for civil society? If yes, what are the topics of your events/programmes/workshops? Are they open to organizations out of your country?

Our three areas are developed with collaborative formats, mainly based in networking and benchmarking innovation activities and informative events for executives of the business and civil society worlds. They are of course open to organizations of any country. Not only through Transnational Giving Europe, which is a formal international network. But in the innovation ecosystem as well, where we have partners in some European countries and in Israel. And also in GENIOR, as the future of work is a universal issue. We think all our activities will become international as ideas do not have frontiers. Greece is welcome!

4) Would you be interested in starting collaboration with a non-profit organization from Greece? If yes, under which project?

We are looking forward to starting through Transnational Giving Europe!

Paco Abad,
Founder & Director


Contact information of the Organization

  • Fundación Empresa y Sociedad
  • Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1 (Impact Hub)
  • 28020 Madrid
  • Ph +34 676270816
  • Email: [email protected]
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