Μια νέα ευκαιρία χρηματοδότησης ανοίγει από την Βρετανική Πρεσβεία για οργανισμούς και άτομα που θέλουν να δραστηροποιηθούν σε ζητήματα που αφορούν την ΛΟΑΤΚΙ+ κοινότητα.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για τα κριτήρια αξιολόγησης, τους δικαιούχους και την διαδικασία υποβολής ακολουθούν:


The British Embassy Athens is inviting project proposals for the LGBT+ Enabling Fund for the Financial Year 2022/23. The fund supports local initiatives that promote and protect the rights of LGBT+ people.

Applications should be linked to at least one of the following objectives:

  • To support grassroots human rights defenders.
  • To tackle violence and discrimination.
  • To advance legal protections and decriminalisation.
  • To ensure access to HIV/AIDs programmes and LGBT+ inclusive healthcare.
  • To support LGBT+ people in crisis and conflict.
  • To strengthen the economic case for inclusion.

Priority will be given to projects that enhance UK-Greece ties, and facilitate the development of active and sustainable collaboration networks.

Eligibility Requirements for Proposals:

  • The British Embassy will consider funding applications from relevant stakeholders, such as not for profit organisations (including social enterprises) and academic institutions.
  • Organisations must prove that they are able to manage the project sum in a satisfactory manner; the British Embassy may request reports by auditors.
  • We are unable to fund purchase of equipment, advertising, academic courses, charitable activities, commercial activities, infrastructure or construction projects.
  • Applications must be submitted in English.
  • Projects must start in summer 2022, with a completion date no later than March 2023.
  • The grants requested under this call must fall between €200 and €50,000.
  • The proposals will be shortlisted and approved by the British Embassy’sPolitical team. They will then be evaluated by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s LGBT+ Rights Team, alongside other proposals submitted from throughout the world.
  • Successful organisations will need to sign a legally binding contract with the British Embassy. They will also need to prepare bi-monthly monitoring reports as well as a completion report at the end of the project.

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the above-mentioned objectives.
  • Project design includes a realistic timeline, as well as robust monitoring and evaluation procedures.
  • Project outcomes have concrete deliverables with clear links to the project’s objectives.
  • Projects demonstrate their sustainability, by explaining how the benefits will continue after the funding ends.
  • Thorough risk and financial accountability procedures are in place.
  • The organisation has safeguarding policies to protect of those involved in the project against abuse and harassment.
  • The project’s overall value for money.

To submit your bid, please complete and submit the project proposal form, outlining the planned activity, timelines, and activity-based budget to the British Embassy’s Projects Section c/o Hebe Hewitt ([email protected]) and Maria Barlou ([email protected]) by 1stJuly 2022.

To access the application form please download the following file: LGBT Enabling Fund Project Proposal Form

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